Understand 2nd year medicine

Made by a student for students!


I am a current medical student.

I hope you will find this website useful. I have always wanted to create a site of my own, where I can share my knowledge to others. I feel selfish for keeping notes all to myself... so here it is! Knowledge should be made freely!

This site is made for year 2 medical students or the like. If you are looking for year 1 notes, please visit my other site medic4u.webs.com

Unfortunately, webs.com limits me to making up to 10 pages so I have had to combine few headings together. It would work best if you search for the appropriate heading (e.g. anatomy), then find (Ctrl + F) the term (e.g. carotid).

The information I provide here are accurate to the best of my knowledge (and by no mean are they exhaustive) and I apologize if there are any errors. If there are any, please let me know under Guestbook. I do not own copyright to the images. If you are the owner and would like me to have it removed, please let me know under Guestbook. Thanks!